How to install the Flat Car Posts to the Bottom (Base)

  • First, align the posts on the fence to the holes on the base. The posts have a tight fit, but you may want to use a small amount of Super Glue to hold them in place.

  • Make sure to position the post so the holes DO NOT face into the flat car, but face around the flat car. We made the holes so that you can put wire or string around the flat car. Send us a photo of what you created, and we can share it with others.
Completed Flat Car
Also… please note that there is more empty space on the bottom of the post than at the top. Please make sure you do not put them in upside down.

What you are going to do is push the post in place. They kind of have a snap feel to them. Make sure they go in straight. By the time you get to the last one you will be an expert.