How to assemble the Top (Fence) to the Bottom (Base)

  • First, align the posts on the fence to the holes on the base.  We recommend putting some glue on the posts and the bottom of the fence. Most plastic model glue or super glue should work, but we recommend DAP Rapid Fuse. Follow the instructions provided with the glue you use.  
  • Place the fence on top of the base and press the posts into the holes using your hands.   Go around and press each one in, then move to the next one.  Get them started.   Once you have them started you will need to place the unit upside down on a flat hard surface.
  • Using a small hammer, LIGHTLY tap each of the squares where the posts are.  This is NOT the time to get out your giant 20 oz framing hammer and play John Henry.  Make sure the unit is upside down and you are tapping on the base and not on the top of the fence.  My mini ball-peen hammer works great.
  • Make sure to go around to each of the posts and gently tap, then move to the next one.  Go around to each post and tap a little, then the next post.  That way the fence will travel evenly and will not bind.