Gondola Built Up - Monthly Special - August - Low Profile Gondola - Pigs to Market

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Part Number:EHG-MS-08-AUGUST

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August is Fair Time and it is time to get the Pigs there. 
This happy go lucky ceramic pigs are looking forward to going to the fair. 
Built Up:
  • We will assemble your Low Profile EggHauler car with glue and also attach the wheels and the couplers if you order them.
Coupler Options:
Do not need couplers
  • Already have your own Kadee or USA Trains Couplers? Great, then attach your own. We have a standard mounting box that will accept a Kadee #910 Gear Box and the USA Trains R2011 Coupler Box. 
  • One pair of #906 couplers. This package includes: #900 Couplers, #878 Centering Springs, #910 (#830) Gear Boxes 
USA Trains
  • R2011 Body Mount Knuckle Coupler w/Coupler Box (1 Pair)
Wheel Options:
Do not need wheels
  • Already have your own Bachmann, Aristo-Craft or USA Trains Wheels? Use them and save a few dollars. They should snap right in place. 
USA Trains
  • R2040 Solid Plastic Wheels and Axle Set (1 Pair)

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